Meet Chicken, our Poodle Puppy!


Story by gioweeargao

April 02, 2021

me with Chicken the poodle puppy

This was a part of our plan, except it was something I didn't imagine possible right now (same with building our dream house but ok AJ). We have a lot of bills to take care of monthly, plus we still have a long list of things to improve and buy for the house. (Update: we are still so far away from getting it fully furnished 4 months after.)

So this is another blog on how persistent AJ can be when he is ready for something 🤗

I wasn't ready

Growing up I had a few dogs and I never learned how to take care of them after play time. My relatives still call me out every time my previous dogs become the topic 🙉. 

The last one was Max (ok he was my sister’s dog). At first we were okay with him. But mama hated him and the smell so much, he ended up stuck in his tiny cage. Max didn’t like it so he started barking non stop, irritating mama more. It was so bad. We were so bad at this. We ended up giving him away ☹️.

So this why I know it will be a big responsibility to get another dog, despite all the fun. This is why I know I am not ready because I can't make those mistakes again, specially now that it's just AJ and me in the house with no help.


A few years back browsing online, I saw these memes of dogs that also looked like fried chicken 🍗 and that’s how I got hooked with the poodle breed! I follow a few poodle accounts in Instagram. 

poodle or fried chicken

Fast forward to today, I know it will be hard to find one. The only people I see with poodles are famous / rich people. So I wasn’t really rushing it like I'm not rushing into finishing the interior of the house. 

Story time

But AJ wanted one right now. And that’s really all it took 💁🏻‍♀️. He started joining Facebook groups all about dogs and browsed them every night. It wasn’t long before he found it. Or before he found a lot of them.

I kept on reminding him why we should wait a little longer; our bills, the smell, the responsibility. He didn’t care, he just wanted a dog now 😂. He enjoys being productive and he runs out of things to do at night or during the weekends, and that's already with me not helping enough with our chores 😴. He liked the idea that a puppy will make him busy. Eventually I got excited too. We both know that at this stage, he just needs to get me to be impulsive, which wasn’t really that hard.

We were already talking to different sellers. We started asking because I wanted to know how much we should prepare. And the prices were 👀👀👀👀.

In the end the timing was perfect. We fell in love at first sight at this one puppy and immediately went to him a few minutes after contacting the owner who happens to be in Pampanga too so there wasn’t really any hassle. I don't want to talk about the amount we paid but I am glad to say it wasn't anywhere near the first ones we saw who catered to the rich as their target audience.

Now we just have to wait more than a week until the puppy gets his second round of vaccine. It was enough time for us to prepare and binge watch puppy training content in Youtube. We get him a day after my 25th birthday. The same week for AJ’s rest before he transitions to work in a new company, which is great because he can be hands on for the first week. It’s one of those moments where it feels like everything aligned for this to happen ⚡️.

Meet Chicken 🐓, our baby boy!

chicken the toy poodle puppy

And just like that, we're now a mom and dad 👪! I hope we get to do this right with Chicken and if we do, I think AJ and I can start talking about adopting one 🐶.

chicken.poodle on Instagram

Okay so this is just an introductory blog post, I will be writing down everything else from the things we prepared and how it went and they will be shown here at the bottom of this post ⬇.



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