First Week with Chicken the Toy Poodle Puppy


Story by gioweeargao

April 13, 2021

Chicken, AJ and Gwe in our bedroom

We got a puppy! And we named him Chicken because, well, can you see why?

sleeping poodle puppy Chicken

The first week was no joke! It wasn't all pictures and cuddles. In short it was → 😴🧹🧻😴😴👵🏼🧻.

Day 1: March 7

AJ and I in Escala Tagaytay pool area

We were still in Escala Tagaytay and chilling by the pool when AJ started nagging me about going home early to pick up our puppy. We ended up going way too early so we went straight home instead to clean the house first 🧹.

It was expected that the puppy will be stressed and yet we were still shocked at how bad it got. The puppy vomited 🤮 on me in the car on our way home, right when I thought he’s finally becoming a little comfortable 😢. He fell asleep and I noticed he was eating in his dream (he still does dream like this until now). It was all cute and fun until it happened again and it looked like he was really eating something. And there it was, his own vomit 😢. 

When we got home, he did not drink the breeder-required-us-to-buy Mondex Energy Supplement that will help with Chicken's anxiety. He spent the night with no energy. He was so uncomfortable that he resorted to stay under the sofa where we have no access of him 🙉.

Family selfie on puppy's first night with us

Stressed puppy

We wanted to play with him that night but he wasn't up for it. The only thing that helped calm him down was brushing his hair.

Day 2: March 8

Chicken woke us (AJ) up at 4 AM. By the time I was ready for the day at 7, they were playing in the living room and Chicken already learned to respond to his name! It was a good morning for me!

Happy Chicken running around in our mini garden

We ran around outside before I started work for the day. He is happier today but still gets shocked to every sound he hears; our footsteps, utensils, doors and windows, (real) chickens and dogs outside the house.

We are learning how hard it is to do other things with Chicken. He needs the full attention of at least one of us all the time. The moment we look away, he starts to make accidents or cries or goes to places he's not supposed to 😅. 

Day 3 - 5

Potty accidents left and right 👻. So far he is getting confused because there's a lot of rooms in this house. Our new game plan is to adjust his play pen to be bigger slowly as he learns to use his pee pads. Right now the play pen is literally just enough for his pee pads and bed.

Another major issue is Chicken's separation anxiety. When AJ or I stays down stairs during working hours, Chicken won't keep quiet because he can hear us. It was getting hard to focus on work. We might resort to moving our work stations temporarily in the first floor of the house.

His play biting is also getting painful. His teeth is getting so sharp 🔪! If you watch Youtube videos regarding this problem, the comment section is full of people who has yet to be successful with puppy play biting 😂. Nice to know we're not alone 🤙🏻.  

Youtube comment section screenshot

Day 6: March 12

He is getting better with using the pee pads. However we still couldn’t figure out his pooping schedule. It's inconsistent. So we go outside more times than needed just in case. And we also get a panic attack every time we see him sniff the floor 😂. By this day, we are getting tired of going outside again and again.

We took him to the vet, it wasn’t time for his next vaccine yet but it was recommended to do after getting a puppy. We found one with good reviews that’s not that far away. They created a new record for Chicken and set the schedule for his next vaccine. We also needed their thoughts if we can give Chicken a bath. And what can we do with the tear stains stuck in his hair.

 It was his second time in the car and it was better. He just slept. The car ride also wasn’t that long. We were expecting it to go bad but everything was smooth!

Day 7: March 13

In the morning we gave him a bath, he is getting stinky. It was Chicken's first bath ever. The breeder told us that poodles doesn't have a bad smell so we got confident we won't have issues. But with just one week, we already couldn't stand his smell 😂 despite our efforts to keep him clean. So this is another area we need to master.

I wasn’t prepared for the bath. I didn’t know what I was doing. Chicken hated it and I wasn’t comfortable too because Chicken hated it. He was not crying but he constantly tried to escape.

We tried to use my blow dryer right after but it only for a few seconds because chicken got scared. Later on I learned (after posting his first bath in Instagram), that I should’ve pushed to use the blow dryer no matter what because he might get sick without it.

Right after, the moment I put him down, he peed on the tile floor. This was the first time he peed this much. He must’ve held it in which is good because he is learning where not to potty but also a bit bad (or I feel bad) because he had no choice but to hold it in for so long 🥺. 

At night my friends went to visit our house. At first Chicken kept peeing in the tile floor again and again in front of my friends, forgetting his potty training improvements. AJ told me at the end of day it’s because Chicken was in shock from meeting a lot of people.

Other than those few minutes, we spent the rest of the night outdoors and everyone loved him! Almost all night someone was playing with him or carrying him. He did not get mad at people he doesn’t know. He’s quiet just like AJ and I, as pointed out by one of our friends 🤗.

So far:

  • the house doesn't smell bad (yet)
  • we might need to buy vacuums (yes more than 1) now instead of later
  • we can't stop buying Chicken new toys 
  • both Chicken and I cry on days I can't have my afternoon nap 🙉
  • Chicken's Instagram account is now followed and following other dog/poodle accounts, instant happiness 🐶
  • we still don't have a decent family selfie 

Every night for the past week, AJ and I ask each other if we regret the decision of having Chicken. Our lives have definitely changed. We suddenly turned grumpy and old and tired.

We keep thinking that it is only hard now. Chicken is a fast learner anyway.

Just look at that baby!

Chicken the red toy poodle puppy



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