Building my devops boyfriend’s website using Angular

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Story by gioweeargao

March 01, 2021

screenshot of AJ Quiambao's website

So after the success of improving the infrastructure side of my website with the help of AJ, we decided to turns things around and build his website


That's it, for now. 

Looking at it listed now, all are the same with what I used for this website's rewrite.


I am a believer that content comes first. And AJ just decided one day that he wanted to blog about the process he had when upgrading my website. Which was a good idea since he was actively looking for work (Surprise surprise, he got hired before we got to finish this 🤗). It was also helpful that I am not guessing the content.

Another page that I added was inspired (accidentally) by Wes Bos, his Uses page. Basically it is a list of technologies AJ is familiar with, from physical items to a deep dive into his devops stuff. I loved it so much I am stealing it for this site soon!


Decisions in terms of design was a struggle to me. Design is not a strength of mine, consistency is. It also doesn’t help that AJ doesn’t have a favorite color and he doesn’t really have much input on how he wants it to look. 

My biggest fear was making it look like my own website because that will just reveal how much I suck at this 😂. Another fear was that it would look feminine 👻. So I started with a dark UI.

screenshot of AJ Quiambao's website using dark theme

Dark theme idea

🥁 … and we still ended up with a white theme. Once I was almost finished, I tried playing around with the custom properties and we both liked the light theme better. It had been a nostalgic moment how far we've come from when changing themes were not as fast 🤙🏻.


So most things are still static. No SSR, no blog engine. It is still bare and I am excited for this project to scale as the time goes by. I would eventually want to try different technologies with building his blog, hoping I can find something else with a free version 🤞🏼.

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I find myself enjoying simple side projects like this. They don't take as much time and I get to try out new things. Plus, I get this sense of accomplishment because things get shipped 🥰, which doesn't happen as fast and as much in my full time job.

Now that I have found my productivity, I am aiming to build more fun side projects to fix my irritation of missing out. Looking at you (finally), React 👀.



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