JSConfAsia2018: Highlights


Story by gioweeargao

February 23, 2018

me in my hotel room in Singapore

The conference has been about 2 months ago and we're all back writing code 8 hours a day 5 times a week, and I could still feel the butterflies.

(And also last week I had to demo our experience in front of the office so why not turn that into a blog post 🤷🏻‍♀️)

jsconfasia in Singapore

Great speakers!

I live in a world of introverts/shy monkeys. The best developers I know aren't the most vocal. I've heard jokes where I didn't know if it was okay to laugh loud. I know what it's like to find myself struggle in trying to comprehend what the person in front of me is saying.

This conference is nothing like that.

code in the dark in jsconf asia 2018

Meeting new people

The emcee encouraged us to ditch our friends during breaks and go out and initiate conversations with people we never saw before. And of course the shy girl in me didn't do that 🙈 (we still made friends though).

It was great to have new friends whose facebook account uses the Korean alphabet and all I could appreciate are the pictures.

It was great to share the work environment with people who live in a different country.

It was great handing out business cards.

It was great to meet other nerds outside my workplace. 

javascript conference

Learning the basics

It is a javascript conference, and yet my key takeaways were from HTML, CSS, and SVGs. It had opened a new door of possibilities for me which is just more proof that the only limit are our imaginations.

I went back home telling my bestie AKA our graphic designer all the things we can do now and how powerful it could be that we don't have to rely on PNGs and JPEGs anymore 🤜🏻🤛🏻. 


Finding inspiration from the simplest of things

Okay, so I have never been more inspired my whole life in terms of web development (and maybe that fact was expected). I have had multiple attempts in creating and maintaining my own blog. I have had let a few domains expire. I have had my fair share of procrastination.

And then there are those people who create stuff online, for free, for fun 🤯. 

I want to be one of those people.

After hearing all the talks, participating in events and coding in workshops, I therefore concluded I want to contribute in this industry. Something I never considered before.

a very awesome conference

Doing things for fun

I think there were three talks about how sometimes we can do things for fun. It can be as simple as adding an elevator sound when you click a scroll to top button or making pranks using css or javascript.

Because in the end, we learn. And that's what's important 🏆.

I currently have a list of 5 simple things I wanna attempt to create just for fun and I have never enjoyed learning this much and I only managed to tick off 2 from the list since the conference because you know, sleep (but still, good job self 💛). 

  • Double exposure using CSS blend modes

  • Recreating Paramore's Fake Happy artwork using HTML5 Canvas

and also, there are a lot of freebies (stickers) 🤗! 

Will I see you next year? 🙈



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